Gillian Chung, who suffers from acute gastroenteritis (an inflammation of the stomach and small intestine), revealed that she had fainted one day during her honeymoon with husband Michael Lai.

The singer-actress and Twins member was speaking to reporters at a fashion event in Hong Kong on February 26. She explained that she had taken medicine the morning of her fainting incident before going to eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant with Michael. After drinking a glass of champagne, she went to the washroom and fainted, possibly due to the mix of the alcohol and medication. Fortunately, Michael found her.

Because of her physical condition, Gillian shared that her family members have not been pushing her and Michael to have a baby soon. "They are very worried for me and would like my health to recover first," she said.

Gillian's good friends Charlene Choi and Joey Yung recently went travelling together, but Gillian did not join them because of work commitments. "I don't really enjoy skiing but I wanted to go with them; hopefully I'll get the chance to next time!"

When asked if she spends less time with her friends after getting married, Gillian admitted that she does, but they are very understanding.

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