Gillian Chung defends husband amidst allegations of him having an affair

This isn’t the first time that talk of their relationship breaking down have made the headlines

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Hong Kong singer-actress Gillian Chung wed Taiwanese doctor Michael Lai in a glitzy, S$1.75 million wedding ceremony last December. After less than half a year of marriage, rumours of their relationship breaking down made headlines, which were quickly shot down by the couple.

On August 2, a Weibo user claimed to have evidence of Michael having an affair, saying that Michael had liked revealing photos of an Instagram influencer while Gillian was away. The unidentified user went to claim that this is not the first time that he has done something to “betray” Gillian.

The post went viral and netizens started to criticise Michael’s behaviour, lambasting him for doing this less than a year after getting hitched.

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On the same day, Gillian updated her Weibo with a post stating that she stands by her husband and that she will not entertain the rumours. The post has since been deleted. Instead, a lawyer’s letter stating that legal action will be taken against such malicious rumours has been uploaded, which has been ‘liked’  by both Michael and Gillian’s respective accounts.

The statement wrote that the defamation will not be taken lightly, and media outlets that used the false claims to smear Michael’s name will also be dealt with.

Another user on Weibo has also uploaded a handwritten apology letter, explaining that the said influencer is actually a patient at Michael’s aesthetic clinic, which explains why he was following her account in the first place.

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