Gillian Chung and fiancé reveal what they dislike about each other

The couple were tasked to do so as they prepare to start a family together

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Hong Kong singer-actress Gillian Chung and her doctor fiancé, Michael Lai’s relationship has been pushed into the spotlight recently, after their marriage was announced in May this year.

Since then, the lovebirds have become guests on the reality show, Mum and Dad Preschool, where they will learn essential skills to better aid them as they start their own family.

In the latest episode for the show, the couple were tasked to share their displeasure with their other half, so that they could work together to overcome these issues. Although Gillian started out by saying that there was “nothing much to be displeased about”, she eventually shared that she feels that Michael has a strong sense of pride. She shared that even though Michael does not usually reveal this side of him in front of everyone, whenever they quarrel, he’ll tend to say a number of childish remarks.


When it was Michael’s turn to turn the tables on Gillian, he came prepared, with a long list of things to talk about, which led Gillian to remark that he had “written a whole book”. With a smile on his face, Michael shared that whenever he has his hands full, Gillian will tend to ask him to help her get water. “(I hope) that she can use her eyes to see what I’m doing (too),” he laughed.

Michael also revealed that he falls asleep almost immediately at night, but is often woken up by Gillian to help her with trivial things, such as shutting the windows. Sharing that he has to get up “around three times” each night as a result, he asked Gillian to change her ways, only for her to remark jokingly, “I can’t do anything, that’s my habit,” charming viewers with their bickering ways.

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