Gigi Leung announced that she has signed a three-year contract with Universal Music Group at a press conference in Hong Kong on May 31. She also promoted her new song ‘Goodbye Cinderella’, and revealed plans to release an album with 10 Cantonese songs.

Explaining why she waited 10 years to join a record company, the singer-actress expressed that she would like to have more help with behind-the-scenes and publicity matters, as it was getting tiring and frustrating to handle everything with her own work studio. She is also looking forward to enjoying better time management and work-life balance with them.

When asked why she did not arrange for her husband Sergio to dress up as the “emperor” from The Emperor’s New Clothes at the press conference, Gigi said that she did not feel like her husband had the ideal physique to go topless for the character, and did not want to pressure him to work out, so she just found a model for the role.

She also revealed that the model was originally supposed to be completely shirtless, but she decided that he should wear a transparent raincoat in the end because her 4-year-old daughter Sofia might see the photos, so it would be more appropriate for her.

Gigi then declared that she will no longer take on certain kinds of roles or portray certain kinds of images in order to set a good example for Sofia. “I don’t want to teach her one thing but show something else completely on screen because it could confuse her, so I have decided not to play anymore sexy or overly outrageous characters.”

Photos: TPG

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