Gigi Leung has praised the "natural" acting skills of her husband Sergio, who makes a cameo in her new film Missbehaviour.

A party was held to celebrate the success of the film in Hong Kong on February 21, which the singer-actress attended with Patrick Tse, Pang Ho-cheung, and more. She explained that her character has a "male god" in her past, and since Ho-cheung already plays her ex-boyfriend, they had to find another man to play the role of the "male god".

"So I asked my husband if he would do it, and he did," said Gigi. "And I must say he did a very convincing job! He's not planning to actually pursue a career in acting, so he was very relaxed."

When asked if audiences can expect to see their daughter Sofia try her hand at acting anytime soon as well, Gigi shook her head. "Children are not easy to control, and I want her to focus on her studies for now," she said.

Ho-cheung had just returned from promoting the film in Taiwan, and said that he was very satisfied with the box office results of the film in Hong Kong, even though it did not reach their goal of HKD25 million (about S$4.3 million). "I was going to reward everyone with a trip to Tokyo if it grossed that much, but since it didn't, we can go to Tung Chung instead!" he quipped.

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