Gigi Leung lied to her husband on their first date

The singer-actress hid her occupation from him


Hong Kong singer-actress Gigi Leung tied the knot with Spanish food executive Sergio Crespo Gutes in 2011 after six months of dating. While their sudden decision might have caught the public by surprise, Gigi and Sergio knew for sure that they were just right for each other. In a previous interview, Gigi commented that it “feels like we’ve known each other in our past lives”.

During a recent appearance on a talk show, Gigi revealed more about their six months of dating, shedding light on how she met Sergio. The 43-year-old shared that she was travelling alone in Spain at that time. While she was in Spain, a mutual friend introduced Sergio to her and the duo went on a date, where they hit it off instantly. 

However, Gigi didn’t tell Sergio that she was a singer-actress at the time, and chose to say that she was a model instead. However, as the couple continued to meet up, members of the public were constantly approaching Gigi to ask for a photo with her. Gigi then said that she was a particularly well-known supermodel.

Upon hearing Gigi’s words, Sergio put her fears to a rest when he replied, “I truly want to know you as a person, so rest assured, I will not go online to search for news about you, or to find out more about your occupation. I will only read up about what you share with me.”

After getting to know each other, the couple tied the knot, with Sergio moving over to Hong Kong. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Sofia in 2015.

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