Hong Kong singer-actress Gigi Leung attended a promotional event for her new film Missbehavior in a police uniform in Hong Kong on November 3.

"The last time I played a police officer was 10 years ago," she shared, admitting that she thinks she looks pretty good in the uniform. "I did show some photos to my husband, but I'm worried he will show the pictures to our daughter and tell her that I've become a real policewoman!"

Gigi then shared that she is very happy to take on a New Year film, because it is more light-hearted than all the heavier roles she's been doing. "My character picks a lot of fights in the movie, which was very fun because I'm not a quarrelsome person in real life," she said.

When asked for her thoughts on the recent passing of Hong Kong actress Yammie Lam, Gigi said, "I was shocked because she was still so young. Unfortunately, we never had the chance to work together."

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