Giddens Ko: I cheated on my girlfriend

The famed author-director admitted that he was seeing someone besides his girlfriend of nine years

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九把刀公开坦承劈腿 道歉回正宫怀抱

Taiwanese author-director Giddens Ko admitted during a press conference yesterday that he had cheated on his girlfriend of nine years, Xiao Nei, after he was recently photographed visiting a motel with an unnamed long-haired lady.

The two reportedly stayed in the motel for over two hours, and Giddens was seen caressing the lady’s face when saying goodbye at her doorstep. The You Are The Apple of My Eye director even repeatedly kissed his lover, seemingly unwilling to bid farewell. 

After the photos were published, sharp-eyed fans pointed out that the woman is a news anchor named Chou Ting Yu, who has interviewed Giddens on numerous occasions.

“I cheated on my girlfriend. The girl in the photos is not my girlfriend. Everyone is curious who she is, but I will not reveal the details [to the public],” Giddens said at the press conference.

“The damage is already done. I will explain everything to my girlfriend and beg for her forgiveness,” he added.

On the other hand, Ting Yu was also allegedly cheating on her non-celebrity boyfriend called “Mr. M”, who has since deleted all photos of them together on his Facebook. Meanwhile, Ting Yu shut down her Facebook page and temporarily stopped all work activities.

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When asked on the “love square” relationship, Giddens said that though he “really likes Ting Yu”, he hopes to spend the future with his current girlfriend. “I am standing here today to tell the truth. [Xiao Nei] has not forgiven me, I will continue to work hard,” the director reiterated.

However, the 36-year-old did not appear to be apologetic to his fans. “I was secretly taken photos of. It is very strange to say sorry for that. A person’s love life is his own privacy and I’m not married,” he stated.

Additionally, a female reporter named Zhang Ling Yu gained attention for glaring at and scolding Giddens “cheap!” yesterday. Sources later claimed that Ling Yu is a close friend of Ting Yu’s, which sparked her actions at the press conference. 

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