G.E.M given the all-clear after cancer screening

The singer shared that her family has a history of cancer

gem tang

Hong Kong singer G.E.M has always been open to sharing more about her daily life on her social media accounts, communicating with her fans regularly.

Earlier this week, the 27-year-old posted a picture of herself in a pink sports bra, with a smile on her face. 

She shared in her caption that her family has a history of cancer, and that breast cancer is the number one cancer affecting women. October also happens to be breast cancer awareness month. As a result, the singer decided to go for a medical screening, to find out if she might have an increased risk of hereditary cancer. 

G.E.M later revealed the results of the test, sharing that the results were negative, and that she did not have an increased risk of contracting cancer, to her relief.

“Even if the test results were positive, I’d rather know earlier, so that I can step up any preventive measures to improve my lifestyle, to prevent the risk from increasing,” she mused.

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