Taiwan-based Malaysian singer Gary Chaw went on a radio show in Taipei on May 23 to promote his first album in three years, titled Gary Chaw Super Junior.

The proud father shared that his 10-year-old son Joe had a hand in deciding which tracks to include in the final album, and also sang some songs with him. “He has a natural ‘sensitivity’ towards music,” said Gary. “He’s been giving me his own opinions about my music ever since he was 2 years old.”

Gary’s younger daughter Grace, on the other hand, is a talented dancer. However, he admitted that he has a hard time accepting the costumes. “Sometimes the shirts or the pants are a little too short, but I can’t complain to her about them because she would say, ‘Mummy also dresses like that, so why don’t you complain to her about that too?’ And the truth is, I don’t dare to!” he said with a laugh.

“My wife Sou Ling has always had her own ideas and personal style when it comes to fashion, so I think Grace learned that from her,” he explained, adding that all he can do is to try and get his wife to speak to Grace about the issue of the revealing costumes.

Photos: TPG