Gary Chaw admits that he is bipolar

He made the admission after he was reported to be having problems with his marriage

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Taiwan-based Malaysian singer Gary Chaw has admitted that he is bipolar after months of reports of his marriage on the rocks.

Rumours of a divorce on the horizon began when he was rumoured to be living apart from his wife, Wu Sou Ling. He was spotted moving out of his house along with his 10-year-old son Joe. His continued silence on the matter did not help things, causing the speculation to spiral out of control.

The singer decided to come clean in a recent interview, sharing that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2017. Despite his best efforts, his condition did not approve and he felt that he was a burden on his family. He then decided to stay at his mother’s home for the time being while he focused on himself.

After years of a psychiatrist’s help, Gary admitted that he is on the road to recovery. “I’m still learning how to accept (myself) and the people around me have also slowly understood (my condition),” he shared, adding that he is on medication.

Gary also mused that he was apologetic, yet thankful to his wife. “Even when I was at my weakest, neither of us chose to give up,” he said. “I realised that the way I think is different now, and that I can express myself (to her) better through my songs.”

Gary and Sou Ling registered their marriage in 2008 and have two children, Joe, 10, and Grace, 8.

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