Gao Yunxiang, Xuan Dong are officially divorced

The actor’s lawyer confirmed that the divorce proceedings have been completed


It’s official. Hot on the heels of reports claiming that Chinese celebrity couple Gao Yunxiang (also known as Gavin Gao) and Xuan Dong are planning to file for divorce to protect their monetary assets, Yunxiang’s lawyer has confirmed that the actors are divorced.

Yunxiang was caught up in a court case last year, where he was accused of sexually assaulting a female crew member in Australia in March. He has since been released on bail and was even spotted out and about in the country.

As the case is still ongoing, the actor has to stay in Australia, in accordance with his bail conditions. Xuan Dong, as well as the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, were spotted in Australia with the actor last year.

Due to his court case, upcoming drama The Legend of Ba Qing, which stars Yunxiang and Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, was unable to be broadcasted. It was previously reported that the distributor, Zhejiang Talent was facing a hefty fine because of that,  as they previously sold the broadcast rights to various stations. Bingbing is a major shareholder of Zhejiang Talent, and is said to have invested NT$1.2 billion (approximately S$53.8 million) into the drama series.

Thus, Zhejiang Talent had asked for the assets under Beijing Yi Xuan Culture Company, which is under Yunxiang and his wife’s name, to be frozen. The company is reported to have an estimated RMB 64 million (S$12.82 million) of assets under its name. At that time, Yunxiang spoke up, clarifying his wife’s involvement in the fiasco.

Later, reports claimed that Xuan Dong was the main financial backer behind Beijing Yi Xuan Culture Company. As a result, the couple was planning to file for divorce to protect their joint assets. As Yunxiang was unable to leave Australia, he attended the court proceedings for their divorce via video call.

When contacted for a comment, Yunxiang’s lawyer would only confirm that the actors finalised their divorce in March. He added that Yunxiang was a no-show at court, but declined to reveal further details.

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