Gao Yunxiang sued for delaying broadcast of drama

Fan Bingbing, who is also the lead actress of The Legend of Ba Qing, is said to have invested NT$1.2 billion into the series


Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang (also known as Gavin Gao) was arrested last year under suspicions of sexual assault, causing all his projects to be put on hold indefinitely. Among them was Chinese historical series The Legend of Ba Qing, which also stars Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and Taiwanese actor Dylan Kuo.

At the time, there was talk of Dylan taking over Yunxiang’s role, which were later proven to be false. The original air date of April 19, 2018, was pushed back indefinitely and has yet to secure a broadcast slot till date, especially since Yunxiang’s court case is still ongoing in Australia.

Bingbing, who plays the main character Ba Qing, reportedly invested NT$1.2 billion (approximately S$53.8 million) into the show.

According to reports, the distributor of the series, Zhejiang Talent, which has Bingbing among its main investors, will be subjected to an estimated RMB 700 million (S$140.2 million) and NT$40 million (S$1.75 million) in penalties as they previously sold the broadcast rights to various stations.

This penalty seems to be inevitable as both Yunxiang and Bingbing landed themselves into hot soup last year, and might not be able to make their return on small screens in the Mainland even if they were to make a showbiz comeback.

As such, Zhejiang Talent is said to have asked for the assets under Beijing Yi Xuan Culture Company, which is under Yunxiang and his wife’s name, to be frozen. The company is reported to have an estimated RMB 64 million (S$12.82 million) of assets under its name.

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