Gao Yunxiang spotted out and about in Australia

The actor is currently out on bail, after being accused of sexual assault


Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang (also known as Gavin Gao), has been residing in Australia since March 2018, when a female production crew member accused him and Chinese producer Wang Jing were accused of sexual assault.

After being initially detained and denied bail, the 35-year-old was released on bail late in August last year and is currently residing in Australia with his wife, Chinese actress Xuan Dong, and their 2-year-old daughter.

Court hearings for the case are still underway, with testimonies from both sides being heard. The final ruling is expected to be made in December this year.

Recently, the 35-year-old was spotted using public transportation in Australia alone. Dressed in a white tee and black sweatpants with a cap on his head, the actor kept a low profile throughout the journey. 

The netizen who uploaded the pictures, shared that the actor had chosen to ride on the upper deck, perhaps to avoid public scrutiny. 

As the conditions of his bail requires him to wear an electronic ankle monitor, many believed that the actor would be essentially under house arrest. However, as there was no sign of his ankle monitor in the pictures posted, many wondered if the actor had managed to regain some semblance of freedom while out on bail.


Photos: PBE Media

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