Gao Yunxiang’s wife opens up about hardships

The actor has been embroiled in a sexual assault case since March

gavin gao

Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang (also known as Gavin Gao) was accused of sexual assault in March, with the 36-year-old remaining in Sydney, Australia as the case continues to be fought over in court.

Recently, Yunxiang’s wife, Xuan Dong, made an appearance on talk show Star Talk, where she spent 20 minutes sharing more about her life. This was the first time that the actress opened up about her husband’s sexual assault case, during which she admitted, “Before this year, I always thought that I had a pretty good life”.

Revealing that the scandal has affected her greatly, she let on that she has never cried because of the situation. “When life makes me cry, I choose to smile,” she explained. “I’ve never cried and I’ve wondered if there’s something wrong with my tear ducts (…) Only the beautiful things in life are worth your tears.”

Xuan Dong expressed, “What I know is that I’m still the stubborn woman from before, and I can’t be distracted nor disheartened. The only thing I can do is to focus all my energy on solving the problem, because we still have the elderly and the young at home. Outside, I still have my work as well, and I’m the only person who can carry the burden at home.”

Reports have stated that Yunxiang has been to court eight times in Australia, and the case has since been escalated to a formal trial. The next known court date is on January 25, 2019.

He is currently on bail in Australia but needs to report to the local police post daily and wear an electronic anklet while Xuan Dong, who had her passport impounded previously, was given permission to travel in and out of the country since October.

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