Gao Yunxiang denied bail over sexual assault case in Australia

The Chinese actor maintains his innocence in court


Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang returned to court today for his second hearing, after he and another man named Wang Jing were accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Australia.

His bail application from his first hearing on April 5 was rejected and new information from the case was revealed, proving that sexual intercourse did happen in a room in Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney, where the attack was said to have taken place. However, it was not confirmed if the man involved in the deed is Yunxiang or Wang Jing.

Despite so, Yunxiang maintained his innocence in court, and denied that he was sexually involved with the 36-year-old woman, who was said to be part of the production crew.

Yunxiang’s lawyer revealed that the 35-year-old actor will apply for bail once more, and will appeal on the basis of his past lawful conduct and the low possibility of him making an escape from the allegations, given the intense media scrutiny on the case.

A witness from the case, referred by the media as Miss Chen, has stepped out to vouch for both men, claiming that she and Yunxiang are connected by a mutual friend. She also offered to pay for Yunxiang and Wang Jing’s bail with money provided by her company.

Should their bail application be rejected again, both men will have to remain in custody until the end of the trial.

Yunxiang’s parents and his wife, Xuan Dong, were present at the hearing and accompanied by several bodyguards, who fended off any media questions directed at them.

Yunxiang rose to fame after playing the King of Yiqu, Zhai Li, in historical drama The Legend of Mi Yue. The actor married Xuan Dong in 2011, and have one daughter together.

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Gao Yunxiang applies for bail in court
Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang accused of sexual assault

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