Gao Yuanyuan the biggest beneficiary of Fan Bingbing scandal?

Brands are looking to Gao Yuanyuan to replace Fan Bingbing as their product ambassador


It’s been over a hundred days since Chinese actress Fan Bingbing first disappeared from the spotlight, with a litany of rumours in her wake. First, the actress was accused of evading taxes by signing ‘yin-yang contracts’. Then, she was said to have flouted bank regulations, and broken up with her fiancé, Chinese actor Li Chen. Currently, the actress is said to be held in jail by the authorities for corruption.

As a result of her disappearances, a number of projects that the actress was involved in are stuck in limbo. The drama, The Legend of Ba Qing, which Bingbing invested heavily in, was scheduled to air earlier this year, but has since been removed from the airwaves. 

Similarly, production for Cell Phone 2, the Hollywood movie she was alleged to have signed a ‘yin-yang contract’ for, has screeched to a halt, causing severe losses to those involved in the production.

A number of brands, like renowned jewellery brand, De Beers, as well as health supplement company, Swisse Wellness, which had engaged the 37-year-old as their product ambassador, has stopped using the actress’s image in their promotions. The two brands have since engaged Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan, who is viewed positively for her squeaky-clean reputation, as their ambassador instead.

It was also reported that multiple brands, who were originally planning on engaging Bingbing as their ambassador, have set their sights on Yuanyuan instead, making the actress the “biggest beneficiary” of Bingbing’s tax evasion scandal.

Photos: PBE Media

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