Gaile Lok refutes rumours about her husband being gay

A netizen made the daring comment on her Instagram shortly after she announced her pregnancy

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Leon Lai’s former wife, model Gaile Lok, announced the good news that she is pregnant last week. This will be the 38-year-old’s first child.

However, Gaile, who tied the knot with businessman Ian Chu last year, soon saw a netizen rain on her parade when he left a daring comment on her personal Instagram. “I’m telling you, Ian (Chu) is gay. You put on a show in August to trick me,” the person wrote, alleging that he used to be in a relationship with Ian.

Yesterday (November 13), Gaile attended an event, where she was asked about the allegations of her husband’s sexual orientation. There, she shared that she cannot read Mandarin characters and therefore has no idea what the person wrote. However, she went on to state that she will not take what the netizen wrote to heart, calling the internet a place where they can express their opinions freely.

“However, they shouldn’t go overboard with their words,” she continued, saying that people should do constructive things with their free time rather than tarnish others’ reputation in this manner. Her tactful way of denying the rumours earned praise from netizens.

At the event, Gaile also shared that she is currently four months pregnant, and that her unborn child is a boy. “Both my husband and I are very excited. We’re both excited and afraid, so we’ll take things one step at a time,” she admitted. Her current cravings include kale, beef and spicy food.

As for where she will be giving birth, the model said that she has yet to decide between Hong Kong or the USA, and will likely make the decision when she returns home to the United States for Christmas.

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