Gaile Lok attended the opening ceremony of a fashion brand in Hong Kong yesterday (Oct 17) with her six-month-old son Hunter, marking their first public appearance together.

The adorable baby boy stole the spotlight with his huge eyes, head of thick hair, and calm demeanour. Impressively, he did not seem scared of the crowd, and did not cry despite the non-stop camera flashes. His mother explained that he is quite extroverted, and would even smile at strangers when they go out. “As long as he is willing to be held by someone, he won’t kick up a fuss,” she said.

The model then gave an update on her son’s growth, saying that he currently weighs about 20 pounds (about 9 kg) and is around 74 cm in length, making him quite tall for his age. She also revealed that he has started to teeth, causing fevers and a swollen mouth.

When someone pointed out that Hunter looks a lot like her, Gaile shared that when he was first born, he looked more like her husband, businessman Ian Chu. However, these days, he reminds her of what she looked like as a child.

As for whether the public can expect to see the mother-and-son duo appear in advertisements together, Gaile admitted that she hasn’t really thought about it as there have yet to be offers. That said, she shared that she is not against continuing to bring Hunter with her to more events in the future.

Photos: TPG