Hongkong singer G.E.M’s career came to a virtual standstill last year after she filed a lawsuit against her former agency, Hummingbird Music. Among the 29-year-old’s claims was that her label harmed her reputation, transferred a portion of her profits to a third party without her knowledge, intended to participate in illegal activities and that they attempted to compel her to participate in the said activities.

With the court case still pending, G.E.M has found herself taking a step back from the spotlight. Still, she was honoured at the Golden Melody Awards on October 3, bringing home her first trophy from the prestigious event.

G.E.M was named the recipient of the Jury Award for her album City Zoo. The Jury Award is given when at least two thirds of the jury votes in favour of celebrating a particular piece of work that they feel is unique and exemplary. This prize is not given out every year as it’s uncommon for the vast majority to come to a consensus. 

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我的第一座金曲獎。謝謝! 此刻我想起自己的兩首歌: 你說我是個商品 沒有你我就不可以 這些扭曲的真理 差點毁掉我的自信 《句號》 多少年你一直告訴我,沒有你我什麼都不能做、我只是一個商品、甚至在我不知道的情況下我的名字就被註冊成商標⋯到我離開以後,我作為我以前寫過的所有作品的原作者,版權卻還需要透過訴訟希望爭取回來⋯ 還有一次又一次不能言盡的阻礙⋯這一切當中我多少次差點就放棄⋯⋯ 但是今天我再一次證明了給自己,也證明了給你,我真的不是你手中的商品,沒有你我還是可以,而且我更加綻放了。 我從小到大 凡事都要做到第一位 再艱難咬著牙 再累我不流一滴淚 我有著強迫症的意志力 天賦不能浪費 我讓我家裡幾個櫃子裡都放滿了獎盃 這世界告訴你 成功要靠自己 什麼叫做成功我卻不知道定義 我已經變得熱可炙手 但優秀還是沒有為我帶來自由 《孤獨》 為什麼我想謝謝跟我一起做出這張專輯的人,不是因為大家幫助我得獎了,像我在《孤獨》裡說的,世界告訴你的優秀,真的不會為你帶來自由。但是,去年當我面對著種種困難與阻礙時,你們陪我、幫助我一起做出了一張我很喜歡,而且循環聆聽了很多次的專輯,這是我真的覺得很感謝的! 我覺得做音樂,如果自己不愛聽,多成功都很無聊;如果自己愛聽,管他成不成功,就是很爽很自豪。所以,謝謝你們: Mark、Kristy、Vinci、T-ma、陳令韜、老道、Richard、Brian、Matt Sim、Randy、曉藝、比爾賈導演、廖人帥導演、Birdy導演、8iD、隊長導演、田勛和小甜腥導演、Dora、Cooney、顏柏駿、Calvin、Sony Music和Sony ATV上上下下所有同事、我的家人朋友和歌迷,還有我的上帝!

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The singer wrote an emotional post on Instagram after her win was announced, saying: “For many years, I always believed that I was nothing without you. I believed that I was just a commodity. Without my knowledge, even my name was registered as a trademark. After I left [the company], I had to go through legal means in the hopes that I’ll be able to get back all the songs that I composed."

She continued, "There have been so many roadblocks along the way, and this has made me want to give up more than once. But today, I proved to myself and to you once again that I’m not a commodity that was shaped by you. Without you, I can still make it. I’ll do even better now.”