G.E.M. sheds tears talking about "unavoidable" breakup with her ex

“I didn't want to break up, but in order to allow the other party to leave without turning back, I forced myself to deal with the split maturely.”


Hong Kong singer G.E.M. will be releasing a new album, titled City Zoo, on December 27.

Ahead of the album’s official release, G.E.M. released the music video for the album's title track on December 13 and held a press conference yesterday (December 18), where she gave reporters a sneak preview of the rest of the songs on the album.

After playing the song, ‘A Long Time Later’, G.E.M. unexpectedly burst into tears, sharing that the process of recording the song was hard on her.

“Recording this song was really tough for me, it really reminded me of what happened to me in the past,” she said.

G.E.M. revealed that she often relies on her music to heal her after a setback, and that she took two days to record the song.

“The recordings that we had from the first day could not be used at all. We recorded for eight hours, but nothing could be used. I’ve never encountered a situation like this,” the singer recalled.

It turns out that the singer was too emotional during recording as she was reminded of a past breakup. In an attempt to calm herself down, G.E.M. decided to drink red wine.


“After drinking the red wine, I felt as if I could sing again, but when we listened to the recordings the next day, it just sounded like I was drunk and singing at a karaoke joint,” she laughed.

“I was actually very hurt (by the breakup), but I refused to tell anyone that I was hurting. I’m quite similar to a cat in that aspect. I’ll be joyful and happy in front of people, but I couldn’t help but to wallow and lick my wounds at home. When I lost (my ex-boyfriend), I was lying not only to other people, but myself as well, telling myself that this wasn’t anything serious, and that I had faced bigger waves and storms. I didn’t allow myself to face my pain (and heal),” she said.

The singer expressed that she could not help but to feel sorry for her past self. “I didn't want to break up, but in order to allow the other party to leave without turning back, I forced myself to deal with the split maturely,” she said, adding that their breakup was “unavoidable”.

When asked for the reason behind their breakup, G.E.M. would only say, “In this industry, there was just no way for us to be together," declining to share more, including the identity of her ex.

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