G.E.M sends her well-wishes to Yoga Lin and wife

The Hong Kong singer blessed the couple to have “three children in two years”


Hong Kong singer G.E.M Tang promoted her “Queen Of Heart” world tour concert yesterday (Jan 18), coincidentally the same day her ex-lover, Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin, revealed that he and wife Kiki Tang are expecting a baby boy.

The 26-year-old singer dated Yoga for three years before the pair split ways in 2014, on less than amicable terms. When G.E.M was in Taiwan to promote her movie Against the Wind in 2016, it was the same time Yoga announced his marriage to Kiki. This time as well, her album promotions in Taiwan coincided with news of Yoga and Kiki’s new baby boy, making it the second time her promotion period clashed with news about her ex-lover.

When asked in an interview her thoughts on the coincidence and if she had anything she wanted to tell Yoga, the singer laughed good-naturedly, and said “I will come more often if this means more good news for them.”

She also further blessed the couple to have “three children in two years”.

G.E.M was seen holding hands with her stylist and rumoured-boyfriend Mark Ngai in April last year (Apr 18), and the pair also went on a vacation to Tokyo in September.

The singer, however, had never confirmed their relationship with each other. When asked if she will get married anytime soon, G.E.M revealed that she “had considered marriage for a very long time.” She explained that when she was 18, she wanted to get married when she turned 22. Afterwards, that turned to when she was 25, but it still has not happened even though she will be turning 27 in August this year.

She also shared that she keeps marriage in mind with the people she dates, and will share the good news only when she intends to get married.

Photo: PBE Media

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