G.E.M.’s agency denies allegations of unfair treatment

The singer announced that she would be taking legal action against her management agency


Hong Kong singer G.E.M announced that she will be taking legal action against her management agency last Thursday (March 7). In a lengthy statement she posted on her Weibo, she announced the reasons behind her decision.

She also reassured fans that she will still be performing at her upcoming concerts, which were arranged by her management agency. Since then, the singer’s boyfriend, stylist Mark Ngai has come forward to show his support for G.E.M’s decision.

“In the future, there’s no need to be afraid, no need to get lied to. We will get through all the obstacles together,” he wrote on his Weibo. He also uploaded a picture of a dead hummingbird, with many believing that it was meant to signify the singer’s agency, Hummingbird Music.


On Friday (March 8), Hummingbird Music responded to G.E.M’s allegations. In their statement, they shared that they’ve always had a good working relationship with G.E.M, and that they’ve always supported her growth and career. 

“It is regretful, as we’ve tried our best to resolve the issues between the two sides fairly. We did not know that G.E.M, as well as the people around her, had plans to manage G.E.M’s music career independently, even though her contract with us only ends in 2022,” they wrote.

They asserted that the allegations posted by G.E.M and her lawyer on social media were false, and that they will seek legal action against them if such untrue allegations continued to be posted online. They also expressed their regret that the conflict between the company and G.E.M now had to be resolved in court.


When approached by the media on the way to Macau for her concert on March 9, G.E.M declined to comment on the dispute.

“I don’t know what to say. All that can be said has been shared. All I can do now is to hand everything over to my lawyer. I don’t wish for this issue to become an all-out fight between the two parties. I hope that everything can be resolved properly and fairly,” she said.

In other unrelated news, G.E.M’s Macau concert was later delayed by two hours due to technical issues. The singer posted a notice on her Weibo account, sharing that the stage lifts had encountered an error, and the concert was unable to start on time, apologising for the delay.

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