G.E.M. releases first vlog amidst legal dispute

The two parties are currently stuck at an impasse


Hong Kong singer G.E.M. is currently in the midst of a dispute with her management agency, Hummingbird Music. She announced last month that she wishes to terminate her contract with her agency due to “unfair treatment”. However, Hummingbird Music has since released a statement denying her claims.

Since then, the two parties have been stuck at an impasse, with neither willing to budge from their initial positions. The dispute has since been escalated into a legal battle, with reports sharing that Hummingbird Music currently owns the rights to G.E.M’s Chinese and English stage names.

As a result, G.E.M. announced late last month that she will stop uploading content on the YouTube channel that she has been using since 2008, ‘GEMblog’. The account which has over one billion subscribers, is believed to be managed by Hummingbird Music.


In a post on Weibo, G.E.M. wrote, "The YouTube channel that I’ve been using since 2008 has reached one billion subscribers. My fans are really too awesome! Thank you everyone for accompanying me through my growth! Now, this chapter of my life will end at 1 billion. From today onwards, it’s a new page,” announcing her new channel, ‘GEM鄧紫棋'.

On March 27, she uploaded her first vlog on the channel, titled, ‘My first time becoming a chef in Los Angeles’. In the video, the singer tries her hand at making pasta from scratch. From shopping from groceries at a supermarket to stepping into the kitchen to cook herself, G.E.M. showed a different side of her.  The vlog was later revealed to have been filmed by her boyfriend, stylist Mark, with fans leaving comments showing their support for the singer.

Photos: PBE Media, G.E.M./Instagram

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