G.E.M hints that Yoga Lin is not a dependable man?

The 23-year-old hopes her next boyfriend would be someone she can rely on


A year after Hong Kong pop siren G.E.M (Gloria Tang) broke up with Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin, the 23-year-old claims that her former boyfriend cannot be depended on.

G.E.M and Yoga have received media attention when their sweet relationship ended up with a nasty break-up last March. G.E.M took to her Facebook account to express her disappointment with Yoga, listing five major flaws of him that she could not tolerate.

In her recent interview with Taiwanese media ahead of her concert in Taipei on Mar 12, G.E.M revealed that she wishes for her next boyfriend to be mature and someone whom she can depend on. She later added a punch in her statement by admitting that her manager once claimed that Yoga did not fit in that category.


She also stated that she would refrain from long-distance relationships in future.
G.E.M was also delighted to learn that her concert tickets were sold out four hours after their release on Feb 2, but when asked if she hopes that Yoga would attend the concert, G.E.M said that the decision lies with him.

“If he wants to watch the show, I gladly welcome him to do so. If he doesn’t wish to, it wouldn’t matter as well.”

Now that Yoga is dating Taiwanese singer Kiki Ting, would G.E.M give them her blessings?

“They have appeared in my dreams before. Though I cannot remember what the dream was about, I remember saying a little prayer for them after I woke up,” she revealed after a moment of hesitation.

G.E.M also said she felt wronged by negative claims of being a diva after becoming a hit on Chinese singing programme I Am a Singer 2. The 23-year-old attributed her misunderstandings to her ‘candid demeanour’.

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