FTISLAND’s Choi Jong Hoon retires from showbiz

The K-pop singer was revealed to have covered up a drink driving incident back in 2016

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BIGBANG’s Seungri and Jung Joon Young are not the only two K-pop celebrities to be outed for their gross misconduct following a high-profile exposé which first stemmed from nightclub Burning Sun’s allegations of assault, prostitution, drug distribution, sexual assault and police bribery, among others.

Record label FNC Entertainment announced today (Mar 14) that FTISLAND’s leader, Choi Jong Hoon, will be leaving the band. FNC shared that the singer will also be retiring from the entertainment industry.

In a series of chat messages made via instant messaging application KakaoTalk, Jong Hoon is revealed to have been caught for driving under the influence of alcohol back in February 2016, when he had a blood alcohol content of 0.05 percent.

However, he reportedly asked the officer in charge to cover up his mistakes and remained close friends with the said officer.

It was also revealed that he spoke of this incident in a group chatroom that included Joon Young and Seungri, among others.

Notably, Seungri allegedly said, “Don’t think that (news of you) drunk driving will be blocked the next time. XX hyung (in this case, referring to another male that is older than or respected by them) used his own money to block the mouths (of the police).”

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Earlier today, Highlight’s Yong Junhyung also confirmed that he would be leaving his group after admitting to viewing hidden camera videos shared by Joon Young and engaging in “inappropriate conversations” regarding it.

Seungri and Joon Young have reported at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency today (March 14) to be investigated on charges including filming and circulating illegal hidden camera footage, along with violating the law on the punishment of prostitution mediation.

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