Hong Kong actors Francis Ng, Anita Yuen, Cheung Tat Ming, and more attended the premiere of their new comedy A Home with a View in Hong Kong on January 17.

When asked if she plans to buy a house for her son, Anita said that she will prepare the down payment for him, but hopes that he will be able to buy his own house with his own money in the future. "He should depend on his own efforts to save money," she said.

Francis then said his own father saved up every penny to buy a house for him, and as a result, he did not have time to enjoy his own life. "Young people should not accept houses from their parents," he stated.

When asked about their Lunar New Year plans, Tat Ming said that he enjoys the festive season a lot because he can play mahjong with Francis. However, Francis said that he hates it because his friends would come to his house and drink all his wine.

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