Director Sunny Chan and main cast members Francis Ng, Kenny Wong, Jennifer Yu and more attended an event to celebrate the success of their new film Men On The Dragon in Hong Kong on August 8.

Francis, who is also the producer, said, "I’m so glad many people like the film. I know many international blockbusters will be released soon and the cinemas want to earn more money from them, but I hope the cinemas will give Hong Kong films a chance and give us more showtimes. Our attendance rates are good too."

When asked about his experience gaining weight for the role, Francis said, "If I were not an actor, I would definitely be a fat man. I like to eat. Now, I’m trying hard to lose weight."

Francis's performance in the movie was highly lauded by audiences, and it was even said that he stands a high chance of winning Best Actor at the next Hong Kong Film Awards. He said, "You have to understand, most of Hong Kong is making police shows now where everyone looks so cool. I haven't played such a down-to-earth role in such a long time!"

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