Remember Taiwanese band L.A. Boyz? The California-raised rap trio, comprising brothers Jeffrey Huang, 45, Stanley Huang, 42 and their cousin Steven Lin, 42, was all the rage in the early nineties when rap was still a novelty genre in Taiwan’s music scene.

Now, almost three decades on, the three boys have grown into men who have done well for themselves.

After the band split up in 1997, Jeffrey went on to form Taiwanese hip hop band Machi and founded a multimillion Internet company.

Stanley went solo as a successful artiste, and Steven returned to his native California and became — surprise, surprise — an orthopaedic surgeon in Los Angeles. But he still occasionally performs with Jeffrey’s band Machi.

Oh, and he's also the first of the L.A. Boyz to get hitched.

Just a few days ago (May 21), Steven married his girlfriend Christine, complete with a cheesy wedding hashtag: #ChristineFelLinLove (geddit?).

The glitzy nuptials took place at a fancy palace in France. Guests were reportedly chauffeured to the wedding in horse-drawn carriages. (#royalwedding much?) 

Among the star-studded attendees were of course fellow L.A. Boyz Jeffrey and Stanley, and Steven’s close pal, Hongkong singer Coco Lee.

Coco couldn’t resist spamming photos of the Insta-worthy shindig on Facebook and Weibo, in which she dressed up in medieval costumes along with the rest of the guests.

“Congrats to my good friend Steven! So happy to be a part of your wedding and to witness you entering a different stage in your life,” she gushed on Facebook, adding the hashtag #22yearsoffriendship.

Steven’s medical career is not totally random; he grew up in an academic family where his dad is a chemistry professor.

“Although L.A. Boyz is very successful, I always felt that there is something missing. I know that I can't work in the entertainment industry for a long time. I need [a stronger] sense of accomplishment, and I’m very clear that practising medicine is what I want,” he once mused to journos.

He was reportedly moved to become a doctor after a close friend in high school died in a car accident. He recalls, “I wrote the song ‘Say Goodbye To You’ to commemorate my friend. But the incident always made me feel like I was not there for him, and I couldn’t do anything. It made me feel powerless.” Going into the medical field, Steven reckoned, would enable him to help more people.

He also shared in an interview: “It can be said that L.A. Boyz is the best memory I have of my youth. But there are different stages in life, and once a stage becomes successful, I must move forward to the next stage.”

And judging by Steven’s Instagram account (@stevenlinmd), he’s probably the only orthopaedic surgeon in the world who's more jacked than a WWE wrestler and also breakdances on the side. Goes to show that you can take a boy out of L.A Boyz but you can’t take the L.A. Boyz out of a boy.