Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung files appeal after being ordered to pay S$2.3 million to Chinese agencies

She signed contracts with two Chinese labels with the exclusive rights to manage her activities in the mainland


Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung has been busy promoting on her own after departing the group in 2014. After which, she has been managed by Coridel Entertainment.

In 2016, Coridel signed a contract with two management agencies in the mainland to manage her activities there. The contract was reported to be valid until February 28 this year.

However, they later went to the courts as they claimed that she breached the contract, demanding that she return the money that they had given, along with a penalty. In November 2017, Beijing courts ordered Jessica to pay 2 billion won  (S$2.3 million) to the two companies after they ruled that she had breached the contract.

After which, Jessica decided to appeal the lawsuit in Korean courts, however, the Seoul Central District Court upheld the Beijing courts’ ruling. She escalated her appeal to the Seoul High Court, but the appeal was dismissed on July 23.

Korean news outlet Asia Today reported that she has since appealed to the Supreme Court and is waiting for them to pass judgement.

There is no word on how this will affect her work schedule, or if there will be a ban on her promoting in the mainland moving forward. There was also no mention of the details of her contract, and how she violated it.

Photos: PBE Media

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