Five Lessons Stars Learnt From Using A Dating App

No, you’re not seeing things. The celeb you just matched with on Tinder could be the real deal.

jamie yeo

1. True love exists online
First, it was Sheila Sim. And now, Jamie Yeo, too, has met her boyfriend online and the couple has discussed getting hitched, after just six months of dating. Jamie, who met her Mr Right (Swipe) after just two weeks on Tinder, would only reveal that the lucky guy is a 38-year-old British expat who works at a consultancy firm. 

joshua ang

2. Multi-tasking may not work all the time
Joshua Ang set up a Tinder account three years ago for fun but has since deleted it. The 27-year-old I Not Stupid actor, who’s single now, says: “I chatted with tons of people and met a handful. However, I met most of them only once ’cos I just couldn’t click with them. I eventually stopped using it after six months. I guess it wasn’t easy to text 23 girls all at once (laughs). I actually didn’t intend to meet anyone — I just wanted to mess around. In fact, I also included males in my searches and some of their profiles were quite funny.”

darryl yong

3. You may get Catfish-ed
For Tanglin actor Darryl Yong, Tinder was a way for him to make friends when he was alone in a foreign land. He’d downloaded the app two years ago while he was in Vancouver for a cousin’s wedding, and continued using it in Singapore for another three months. The 31-year-old, who’s single and has since deactivated his account, recounts: “No one looks like how they do in their pictures these days, especially with filters and photo editing apps (laughs). I met up with a girl here, and she looked different from her photos. The difference wasn’t very drastic, though. Sometimes you look at photos and you have a pre-conceived notion of how someone looks [in person]. But in this day and age, even if the girl looks super hot in photos, it means nothing!” Joshua, on the other hand, keeps it real: “I use my real photos all the time, and only match with people who use genuinely real pictures with a realistic description of themselves.”


4. Being open-minded goes a long way
Unlike three other Tinder-riffic celebs we called who denied being on Tinder (too shy?), Darryl is all for coming clean. “I think when you use any social media app to get to know somebody, it’s always good to have an open heart and mind. If you have an agenda — some people use it to hook up — then you’re approaching it in a wrong way. Think of it as just a new way to meet people. Be real, and limit your profile to what you want people to know about you.” Perhaps Ya Hui should’ve sought Tinder advice from Darryl. The 29-year-old bachelorette signed up a year ago, after hearing about the app from Sheila Sim. She’s since deleted her account. “I didn’t upload any photos of myself as I didn’t want anyone to know that I’m an actress. I didn’t want people to go around bragging that they’ve seen me on Tinder and say that I’m left on the shelf or desperate for love (laughs). I chatted with some guys but didn’t meet anyone ’cos I think it’s pretty risky. I’ve read stories about people getting murdered by their Tinder dates [overseas]. Meeting someone that I haven’t met before in real life scares me. It could also turn out quite awkward, right? What if you don’t click, and there’s nothing to talk about? I also came across some profiles that were quite sleazy, and it turned me off. I think if you want to meet someone [from the app], it’s better to meet in a group, so it’s safer.”

sheila sim

5. It’s okay for ladies to make the first move
“I think it’s okay to initiate the conversation (laughs). My stylist helped me message people first with a simple ‘Hello’ or something like that,” says Ya Hui. Sheila, who’s engaged to a 36-year-old Singaporean Chinese she met online after dating for six months, revealed in an earlier interview: “I don’t know who swiped first [due to the mechanics of the app], but we mutually ‘liked’ each other and I started the conversation first. Guys can be quite shy. Usually I don’t give out my mobile number until a few months down the road, but I felt very comfortable with him and gave him my number on the same day. We have mutual friends, and he didn’t seem desperate. (Laughs) We met up after five days of chatting and things developed from there. Back then I thought, ‘Even if we cannot be lovers, we could at least be friends’.”

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