Fish Leong stands up for Christine Fan amidst backlash

Christine had been criticised for blabbing to the media about Fish’s divorce.


Taiwanese singer Christine Fan has always shared a close relationship with Malaysian singer Fish Leong, with the duo often meeting up together with their celebrity friends, Taiwanese actresses Tiffany Yang and Amber Wang.

However, Christine recently found herself in the bad books of Fish’s fans, many of whom took offence at Christine’s remarks about Fish’s divorce from her husband of nine years. Christine’s social media pages were soon flooded with comments branding her a “terrible friend”.


In an attempt to deflect the hate that Christine was receiving, both Tiffany and Amber took to their Instagram accounts to upload a picture of the four of them together, showing off their strong friendship. Both Christine and Fish left a like on the individual posts.

Fish also reposted the same picture onto her Instagram Stories, adding, “We've always been very loving. On a beautiful morning, where the weather is perfect, I feel like eating some dessert. Thank you to the media for allowing us to be even more loving.” 

Though the singer did not directly address the reports regarding Christine’s comments, many took Fish’s post as an indirect confirmation that their friendship is still going strong.

Photos: PBE Media

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