If you’re following Malaysian singer Fish Leong on Instagram, you would’ve probably seen the drawings done by her six-year-old son, Anderson, at some point. 

Two days ago (Oct 18), the 42-year-old star showed off her son’s art work again, when she posted a pic of Anderson proudly posing next to his drawing of a maze… Within a fish.

While Anderson's artistic flair had impressed Fish's followers and friends, including her bestie Yvonne Lim, it's how handsome Anderson looked in the photo that had everyone talking. "You can tell how good-looking Anderson is even from this blurry photo!" commented one netizen, while another pointed out that it's "been a long time" since they saw the boy on social media. 

Though Fish used to post a lot of photos of her son when he was younger, she has refrained from doing so n recent years.

Her reason? She reportedly wants to keep him away from the limelight in hopes that he would have a normal childhood. 

Fish married her ex-husband, Tony Chiu in 2010 and she gave birth to Anderson in April 2014. The couple split last September and are now sharing custody of their son. 

Photos: Fish Leong/Instagram