Fish Leong’s ex-husband had reportedly stopped her from announcing their divorce four months ago

The singer is reportedly seeing a psychiatrist to unpack the emotional damage she suffered from the split.


On Monday (Dec 2), Malaysian singer Fish Leong’s ex-husband, businessman Tony Chao, announced on Facebook that their divorce has been finalised, officially ending their marriage of nine years. Fish confirmed the rumours of their split in September this year.

In his post, Tony shared that he had delayed signing the papers as “a divorce was not the ending [he] wanted”.

A day after his post was published, an insider came forward to claim that Tony’s repeated refusals to sign the divorce papers dealt a heavy blow to Fish. They added that according to a friend of Fish’s, the singer is currently seeing a psychiatrist to unpack the emotional damage she suffered from the divorce.

They also revealed that the couple had actually signed the divorce papers months ago. However, Tony refused to go to the Household Registration Office to officially file the papers even though Fish had asked him to do so twice, first in September, then again in October. 

As Tony refused to co-operate, the entire proceeding was delayed for months. Additionally, even though the couple had already separated and were living their own lives, Tony reportedly wanted Fish to keep mum about their divorce, forbidding her from announcing anything to the public.

Therefore, it was speculated that Fish’s good friend, Christine Fan, had attempted to help her by “accidentally” sharing the news of her divorce to the public. However, as Fish was unable to say anything at that time, she could not clear the air, even when Christine was attacked by netizens for “being a blabbermouth”.

In the end, Tony allegedly only agreed to head over to the Household Registration Office after he was photographed on a date with an unidentified female, sending her home in a car Fish had gifted him earlier.

Fish and Tony have a five-year-old son, Anderson, whom they will share joint custody of.

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