Fish Leong’s ex-husband breaks silence regarding divorce

“A divorce was not the ending I wanted.”


Malaysian singer Fish Leong’s ex-husband, businessman Tony Chao, has broken his silence regarding their divorce, which Fish confirmed in September. The couple shares joint custody of their five-year-old son, Anderson.

While Fish has since come forward to share how she has managed to handle the stress from the divorce, Tony has always remained silent — till now.

Yesterday (Dec 2), he released a post on his Facebook page, sharing that their divorce was finalised that day. He shared that the papers had already been signed a few months back, but he had delayed the process of sending them out “because of a very simple reason”.

“A divorce was not the ending I wanted,” he wrote, adding that he had hoped that some time apart would allow the both of them to calm down and work on finding the best solution to their problems. He also admitted that he thought that they might have been able to stay together for the sake of their son.

“It’s a pity that we were unable to do so in the end,” he lamented.

Tony wrote that both parties had a hand in the breakdown of their marriage, although he did stress that “in our 10 years together, I have always loved Fish, and loved our family”. He then thanked the singer for everything she had done over the years, and wished for her to be able to find happiness again.

“I also wish to return to my peaceful life from now on. Wishing the both of us well,” he concluded.

Tony also addressed the rumours that he had repeatedly cheated on Fish with a third party, even after Fish had forgiven his first transgression.

“Most of what the public sees isn’t the truth. These rumours damage people. In such a difficult situation like this, having to endure such slander gives me indescribable pain,” he wrote.

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