Fish Leong gets stung by a hornet

The singer was badly shaken after getting stung by a hornet


Malaysian singer Fish Leong has cut back on her public appearances after tying the knot, choosing to focus on her family. Thus, the 40-year-old’s Weibo update on Tuesday caught many by surprise, especially after reading her post.

In her post, Fish shared that she had been stung by a hornet, and had been sent to the hospital. The singer recounted that the hornet had first landed by her ear, before flying into her hair, causing her to tear up in fear. Before she could try to get the hornet out of her hair, the insect had stung her on her scalp. She managed to get it out later, by turning her head down and shaking it out, but the damage had already been done.

Her husband then accompanied Fish to the hospital, where she was given two injections after a doctor examined her. 


Sharing that she was scared silly, as the sting hurt terribly, and she was afraid that she’ll have an allergic reaction, Fish laughed, “(I) don’t have enough medical knowledge, so I immediately thought of the worst-case scenario, scaring myself (needlessly).”

Relieved that the hornet had not stung her son, Fish also made light of the situation by joking that she might just develop superhuman abilities after waking up the next day.

Fish married her husband Tony Chiu in 2010 and the couple became parents to 7-year-old Anderson Chiu in April 2011.

Photos: PBE Media

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