F.I.R. reveals new female band member

Meet Lydia, who is set to takeover Faye’s lead singer duties

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Just as former F.I.R. lead singer Faye announced her next move as a soloist in the music industry, so did her former bandmates Real Huang and Ian Chen as they unveiled their new member, a 22-year-old newbie called Lydia (Han Rui), at a press conference announcing F.I.R.’s upcoming plans.

During media interviews, Ian and Real explained why Faye’ administrator role on F.I.R.’s official Facebook fan page was removed. According to them, Faye was not willing to join her fellow F.I.R. members at their commercial gigs and did not participate in the conceptualisation phase of their new album. On top of that, she also released new music material on her own.

“I’d feel upset too if I found out I was suddenly removed; she discovered it unwittingly but she has never said that she was kicked out of F.I.R. and only said that she was removed as an administrator from the Facebook Fan Page. But the media tends to jumble them up together. I’ve already said before that there’s nothing to be unhappy about, it is just a pity,” Real added.

When asked to comment on what Faye had said during her media interview about not bearing any grudges against her former bandmates, Real said, “I really understand her, she said she doesn’t want to be immersed in hatred which meant she used to have a bit of hate but she’s the type of person who can turn around [the next moment] and continue working on other things. We are rational people.”

He added that Faye had messaged him ‘Jia You, best wishes’ before the press conference, and he had the same to say towards her, saying, “I will always support you as before.”

Ian, who Faye is no longer in contact with, added, “Congratulations to Faye for embarking on a brand new journey, last year she told us that she really wanted to make her own music that is more veered towards EDM and not rock. We communicated for a long time and invited her to record the new album but she was persistent in going towards that direction so all the best to you.”

To some fans, F.I.R. represents the initials of each of the original band members’ names. When reporters asked if the band can still retain its name without Faye, Ian replied, “F.I.R. means Fairyland in Reality, it’s not like how S.H.E. is tied to the initials of its three members.”

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