Julian Cheung, Fiona Sit, Edmond Leung and more cast members attended the press conference for their new drama Shadow of Justice in Hong Kong on October 3.

Poor Fiona fell down on stage, and was so embarrassed that she laughed until she cried. She said that it is quite normal for her to fall down on stage, and that the most embarrassing part is not falling down, but not being able to get up after that.

She also jokingly pointed out that every time she falls down on stage, Edmond is always there, so she really needs to avoid attending events with him in the future.

Julian revealed that he still keeps in touch with Sunny Wang. "He would call me whenever he happens to have work in Hong Kong, and we would have a meal together."

Following the news about the Chinese authorities tightening their control over the high salaries of celebrities (which resulted in top artists being forced to return millions of dollars), Julian shared that he has not received any notice to return any money, and that he will always follow the rules.

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