Final verdict still unknown for Wanting Qu’s mother’s corruption case

The singer’s mother has been detained for four years, and may be sentenced to death if found guilty


Chinese singer Wanting Qu recently posted an update regarding the corruption case involving her mother, former public official Zhang Mingjie, who was arrested in 2014 on suspicions of corruption.

Wanting's mother was said to have embezzled RMB 350 million (approximately SGD$70 million), and public prosecutors had recommended the death penalty due to the high amount. However, she maintained her innocence, and pleaded not guilty to the charges against her.

The singer, who shot to fame after her song ‘You Exist in My Song’ made it big, shared that she misses her mother, writing, “Mum has been detained for around four years, but the final verdict is still not out, my heart hurts. But, I still believe that the law will give us a fair and just ending.”

It is understood that the mother-daughter duo share a particularly good relationship. Since her mother’s detainment in 2014, Wanting has shared several updates about the case, each time reaffirming her belief in the courts of China.

Photos: PBE Media

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