Soon-to-be dad Feng Shaofeng criticised for smoking

Netizens reckon that the soon-to-be-father should quit smoking for his family

zhao li ying

Celebrity couple Zanilia Zhao and Feng Shaofeng, who announced that they had registered their marriage in October last year, were spotted out in Beijing, China together recently.

According to the netizen who posted an account of the sighting, along with pictures, Shaofeng stepped out of the building first, dressed in casual wear and a down jacket to stave off the winter cold. 

After speaking with their driver, who was waiting outside, the actor lit up a cigarette, and continued on with his conversation as he puffed away. After finishing his cigarette, Shaofeng then headed inside the car.

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Shortly after, Zanilia herself stepped out, together with an assistant. She was dressed in a loose denim jacket to hide her baby bump, and quickly stepped into the same car as Shaofeng, before moving off.

The pictures drew mixed reactions from netizens, with some criticising Shaofeng for continuing to smoke even though Zanilia has a child on the way, while some praised the actor for stepping out before Zanilia, to smoke further away from her.

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The couple announced that they had registered their marriage in October last year, after months of rumoured dates and meetings. In January, they confirmed that Zanilia is expecting their first child. It is speculated that the actress will be giving birth to a baby boy in March this year.

Photos: PBE Media

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