Fei Yu Ching breaks down in tears during concert

The singer shared that it was his last public performance


In September last year, veteran Taiwanese singer Fei Yu Ching shocked many when he announced that he will be retiring after his last concert tour.

The singer announced the news with a handwritten letter, sharing that he wishes to retire as performing on stage now fills him with a sense of loneliness and pain, instead of joy.

During his concert last Thursday (February 7) in Taiwan, which was attended by 10,000 fans, the singer broke down in tears while singing ‘Good Night Song’.

After collecting himself, he thanked his fans, saying, “I really am too blessed and should be content. Thank you everyone.”

Yu Qing had mentioned that the passing of his parents was a pivotal reason behind his decision to retire in his letter last year. Thus, during the concert, he also brought up the same topic.

“Isn’t it a given for us to be filial? After the passing of one’s parents, everyone’s ability to deal (with the situation) is different. There are people who don’t even leave their homes for a few years,” he said.

Finally, at the very end, he could not contain his emotions any longer, and said, “Tonight is our fated meeting. In the future, no matter who wishes for me to return (to the spotlight), I will never appear again. Tonight can be considered our farewell.”

The singer will continue on with his farewell tour for the first half of 2019, with the final stop to be held on May 19, in Taipei.

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