Fei Yu Ching bids an emotional goodbye to showbiz after 47 years

The veteran singer wrapped up his farewell tour after announcing his retirement


Veteran Taiwanese singer Fei Yu Ching first announced that he would be retiring from the spotlight last September. Following which, the 64-year-old embarked on a farewell tour, which culminated in a final performance at the Taipei Arena on November 7.

Towards the end of the concert, a video showing the covers of the many albums the singer had put out during his 47 years in the entertainment industry played on screen. The singer then reminisced about his childhood, mentioning his parents, who have since passed away.

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Yu Ching mentioned how his mother always encouraged him to continue singing, as well as his father’s advice for him to experience life fully. He expressed his regret that he did not take his father’s words to heart, musing that he should have retired earlier to spend more time with him.

His good friend, singer Jody Chiang was not present at the concert, which Yu Ching quipped was a good thing after his performance of her song, ‘Put Emotions Aside’. He chuckled that he feared that he would not be able to measure up to her vocal prowess.

When contacted for a comment, Jody’s manager shared that the singer had wanted to attend the concert, but was afraid that she would break down during the show. She chose to give the concert a miss so as not to trouble her good friend. Instead, she sent a balloon basket to signify her blessings and well wishes for Yu Ching.

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Yu Qing’s iconic song, ‘Far Away’, was originally not included in the set list as the singer was worried that it would be too emotional for him and his audience. However, he eventually sang the song without any musical accompaniment towards end of the concert, as he bade farewell to his fans.

“Don’t be shy if you run into me on the streets in the future. Come up to me and say hi. If there’s a café nearby, let’s sit down with a cup of coffee for a chat,” he shared, before eventually ending the concert with ‘Nanping Evening Bell’.

 “I hope for everyone to be able to be blessed with good fortune in the future, my friends. Please take care of yourselves and goodbye. Thank you everyone,” he said, before taking his final bow and going off stage.

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