Fei Yu Ching announces retirement

The veteran singer confirmed the news with a handwritten letter

fei yu ching

Fei Yu Ching surprised many with the announcement of his retirement yesterday (September 27). In a handwritten letter, he confirmed that he will be making his final bow after wrapping up his 2019 concert tour.

He wrote, “I stepped into the world of singing at the age at 17, and with your love and support, I’ve had a smooth-sailing road, which is how I became the Fei Yu Ching of today. All this is thanks to everyone, and being able to turn my passion into my job is a blessing.”

Sharing that he has kept his eyes on the goal of becoming an even better singer all these years, Yu Ching admitted that he has ignored certain aspects of his life. He pointed out that his parents’ passing affected him greatly, and that the stage which once gave him so much joy now brings him great loneliness instead. “The applause can never soothe the feeling of loss that I feel. Regardless of where I perform, I feel pain, and I know that it’s time for me to stop,” he mused.

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Thanking everyone, including his fans, the media and those he has met along his showbiz journey, he called meeting each and every one of them an honour, thanking these unnamed people for enriching his life.

“I’ll be leaving the stage I know so well very soon, and even though my heart can’t bear to do so, I’ll keep every single memory in my heart, turning them into the most precious memories,” Yu Qing continued.

He shared that he will be living a simple life after retirement and taking time to smell the flowers, which he had not been able to appreciate in his many years as a celebrity.

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