Faye Wong’s 13-year-old daughter complains about having too much homework

Sounds like she belongs in the strawberry generation.

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Li Yapeng and Faye Wong’s daughter, Li Yan, has been making headlines in recent months. First, it was news of her attending an elite Switzerland boarding school which costs over S$178,000 a year, then the 13-year-old was suspected of going wild and visiting a nightclub with her friends, which was later clarified to be just a school party.

Earlier this week, she became the centre of attention once again after she updated her social media to grouse about the amount of homework that she has to deal with. She updated her Instagram with a photo of snow-capped mountains in the distance and wrote, “The view is beautiful (but) I have so much homework to do.”

She also captioned a photo of her math homework with, “I’m just not suited for math,” revealing that she left multiple questions unanswered as she didn’t know the solutions to them.

This is not the first time that she has opened up about her difficulty with schoolwork, as she shared on her WeChat page that the amount of homework she was given made her “so sad that I could cry a river”.

Netizens have left encouraging messages to her, telling her not to give up as an entirely new study environment could pose challenges. There were others, however, who were not as sympathetic and called her out for being too entitled and not studying hard like she should.

One such disgruntled netizen remarked, “If you have the time to paint, update your social media accounts and attend parties, shouldn’t you be devoting that time to doing your schoolwork instead?”

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