Faye likens exclusion from F.I.R. to a bad breakup

“Why was I excluded?”

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Faye, the former lead singer of Taiwan band F.I.R., has struck out on her own after it was revealed that she was unceremoniously excluded from group activities in February this year.

She officially signed a new artiste management contract with record label Asia Muse Entertainment yesterday and will be making her debut under her Chinese name – Zhan Wenting. She may have lost her teammates Real Huang and Ian Chen, but things are looking up for Faye, especially after she was nominated for Best Female Mandarin singer at the 29th Golden Melody Awards in June this year.

At an official press conference to announce her addition to Asia Muse Entertainment, Faye tearfully looked back on the events that happened in February during her interviews with the media. Although she’s still part of the F.I.R. group chat, things have changed since her Facebook administration rights were removed.

According to Faye, when she asked Real and Ian about her removal, they simply told her that it was “because we have new plans.” They decided to move ahead without Faye as they wished to work on new music with their company, whereas Faye prefers to work independently, said Real and Ian in previous interviews.

Faye admitted that she’s a straightforward person which was why she disclosed the matter on Facebook and added that she’s no longer in contact with Ian, who founded the group in 2004.

“I don’t think I was kicked out (on Facebook), [I] should say we decided to go our separate ways,” she said.

The 37-year-old added she did not wish to use the words ‘victim’ or ‘perpetrator’ to describe her relationship with the band since they had made music together for more than a decade. “We’ve been through a lot the past few years and I feel reluctant [to give up] at times to be honest… but it’s too painful.”

When asked if she’d consider working with Real and Ian again, Faye shared that she is keeping her options open and described their relationship to that of a breakup in a relationship. “We’ve lived together as one body for many years, it’s like when you finally breakup with your ex-boyfriend after 10 years – it doesn’t disappear completely, it [feelings] will still be there.”

Faye dated her former bandmate Real for three years before they parted ways in 2010.

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