Fans worried for Hawick Lau after his divorce

He and his former wife, Yang Mi, announced their split in December

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In December, celebrity couple Hawick Lau and Yang Mi announced that they had gotten a divorce. To some, this news came as no surprise as there have been numerous rumours of their marriage being on the rocks for years.

Soon after the split, reports of Yang Mi supposedly wanting to fight for custody of their only child, nicknames ‘Little Glutinous Rice’ emerged, which, among other speculations, has caused the pair’s fans to turn against each other.

Although Yang Mi has been spotted on numerous occasions in public since the announcement, Hawick has only been seen once when he brought ‘Little Glutinous Rice’ out for a meal.

This has raised concerns about his mental state after the split, with fans calling for his family and loved ones to check up on him in case he is not taking his divorce well.

His father, veteran actor Lau Dan, attended the wrap party for his drama earlier this week and was asked about Hawick. Lau Dan shared, “He said that he wanted to come today, but since he wasn’t part of the cast, so he couldn’t come.”

However, he declined to talk more about how Hawick is taking the divorce, which has caused netizens to express their concern for the younger actor.

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