Fans unhappy over Wu Jinyan and Nie Yuan’s latest collaboration

The actress’s fans are not looking forward to seeing the 'Story of Yanxi Palace' co-stars act alongside each other for the third consecutive time.


The breakout hit drama of 2018, Story of Yanxi Palace, propelled a number of its actors into superstardom, with many fans favouring the onscreen relationship between Chinese actress Wu Jinyan and Chinese actor Nie Yuan, despite their 13-year age difference. 

After Story of Yanxi Palace ended its run, it was announced that Jinyan and Nie Yuan will be reuniting on screen once again for The Legend of Haolan, where they will form a love triangle with Chinese actress Mao Zijun. The Legend of Haolan was broadcasted from January to March this year.

Earlier this week, reports were released sharing that Jinyan and Nie Yuan are set to work together again for a new drama, making it their third consecutive time working together. 

This time round, the drama will be set in modern times, with Nie Yuan playing a single father from a small town. Despite finding out that his son, whom his deceased wife gave birth to, was not his biological child, Nie Yuan’s character still continues to care for him, even as he struggles to acclimatise to life in a bustling city.

Eventually, he crosses paths with Jinyan’s character, a policewoman. Through a series of events, their love for each other eventually blossoms, and they end up together as a family-of-three.

However, it seems that this third collaboration is one time too many for fans of Jinyan, who took to social media to protest the news. They criticised Nie Yuan for constantly “riding on the fame of Jinyan”, upsetting the actor’s fans. Many described the role as “meaningless”, criticising the story for being “too exaggerated and old-fashioned”.

A number of netizens also announced their intention to boycott the drama, as they believe that the actors will be soundly criticised when it eventually airs.

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