Fans reveal photo of Yang Mi’s daughter

A frontal photo of the actress-singer’s 1-year-old daughter was revealed by fans who snapped pictures of her

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Chinese actress Yang Mi and her Hong Kong actor husband Hawick Lau are known to be fiercely protective of their private life and seldom share photos of their baby girl, nicknamed “Xiao Nuo Mi”, since becoming parents one year ago.  

A few days ago, a netizen posted photos of the family of three making their way back to Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, revealing Xiao Nuo Mi’s facial features for the first time. Having just turned 1 recently, many compared her looks to that of her parents’ and claimed that she takes after a younger-looking Hawick, during his debut days.

Sporting a round face, single eyelids and tanned skin, the 1-year-old was also seen moving about energetically. While some netizens agreed that Xiao Nuo Mi resembled her dad, others commented that she failed to inherit her parents’ sharp noses.

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Apart from discussing about Xiao Nuo Mi’s appearance, some pointed out that it was not right to expose photos of the little girl, saying, “It’s really disrespectful to expose people like that, especially since they wanted to keep her appearance private.”

Yang Mi and Hawick married on January 8 last year and gave birth to Xiao Nuo Mi on June 1 in the same year. The couple’s recent visit to Hong Kong also dispelled rumours of an ongoing conflict between Yang Mi and her in-laws.

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