Fans of Joker Xue, Jay Chou up in arms over "concert ticket package deal”

The organiser of the two singers’s solo London concerts has come under fire for their behaviour


Tickets for Taiwanese multi-hyphenate Jay Chou’s upcoming London concert has yet to go on sale. However, the tickets are expected to sell like hotcakes, with fans of Jay hoping to be able to snag the coveted passes.

Recently, a netizen posted a screenshot of a chat group with the concert’s organiser on Wednesday (March 6), angering fans of Jay. According to the netizen, the organiser had posted in a group chat for fans of Taiwanese singer Joker Xue, promising extra perks for those who have bought tickets to Joker’s London concert. 

“To the friends who’ve bought tickets to Joker Xue’s London concert, you’re our good friends as well. In the future, we should be able to guarantee that you’ll be able to get tickets to CEO Chou (a nickname for Jay Chou)’s concert,” the message read. 

Joker’s London concert is scheduled to take place on March 10.


After the post was uploaded, fans of both singers were outraged. Jay’s fans were angered by the supposed favouritism shown by the organisers, Magic Sound, to Joker’s fans. Many of them speculated that the organisers were using Jay’s name to drive up sales for Joker’s concert.

On the other hand, Joker’s fans felt that the organisers were implying that Joker is not popular enough to sell out tickets for his own concert, and were offended at the assumption. They were also angered by the fact that the organiser’s behaviour had tainted Joker's name by association.

Joker himself responded to the controversy on Weibo, denying the existence of the “package deal”.

“I have always respected Jay (as a) senior (in the music industry) immensely,” he wrote, urging fans of both singers to ascertain the facts regarding the situation before commenting. He also denied that this was a tactic for him to gain more publicity.

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