Fans are convinced Grace Chow is ready to marry Show Luo

How else will she be with him until he turns 100?


Taiwanese singer Show Luo has made no secret of his affections for his girlfriend, Chinese blogger Grace Chow. Rumours of the pair getting hitched have been circulating for months, but the couple have neither confirmed nor denied the reports.

Fans of the pair, however, are now convinced that good news could be coming very soon. Show celebrated his 40th birthday on July 30, and Grace threw a surprise party for him.

What caught netizens’ eyes was Grace’s comment on Show’s Instagram post, in which she promised to be with him until he turns 100.

His original post read, “I wanted to have a simple meal with my family to celebrate my birthday, but when I got home and opened the door, I realised that I was in for a big surprise. I was really shocked by the impeccable planning. I’m thankful to my mum for cooking my birthday meal, to my friends who told me many white lies because they wanted to keep the secret. I’m really happy. I love you Grace. I’ve just celebrated my second 20th birthday. I’ll work hard and make sure that everything goes well.”

Among his celeb friends showering congratulatory messages on his post, Grace’s stood out. “Even if I grow old, you’ll always be the 20-year-old kid that I have to dote on for my entire life. I’ll be by your side for your third, fourth and fifth 20th birthday.”

Fans took this as an indirect admission that she is ready to spend the rest of her life with him, and replies to her comment have urged the pair to hurry down the aisle soon.

There has been no confirmation of when the pair started dating, but they have been rumoured to be together for as long as eight years.

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